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"let's just proceed as though this is going really well."

starla dear
1 November
i have an amazing group of friends, a fantastic boyfriend, and a stellar guinea pig.
life is good, so screw those emo bitches.


acrylic painting, adult swim, afghan whigs, aimee mann, airtoons, alkaline trio, all-time quarterback!, american beauty, american history x, aqua teen hunger force, aquisition of dvds, being ironic, ben kweller, better than ezra, billy corgan, black lab, blaspheming, boozing, braid, bright eyes, busta, camus, cex, chinese food, club dread, conan o'brien, conor oberst, counting crows, cuddling, cynicism, damien rice, death cab for cutie, diners, driving, dushore, ebaying it up, eddie izzard, edward norton, elliott smith, eternal sunshine, ex-boyfriends, existentialism, family guy, fark.com, foo fighters, gettin' it regular, getting blocked on aim, graduating someday, guster, hand-written letters, heartbreak, hesse, holding grudges, hot rod circuit, indie rock, innuendo, internet boys, jeff buckley, jewish guys, jews, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, john cusack, jump little children, kids in the hall, kind of like spitting, kleptomania, kung-fu movies, lillian armond, lip rings, liz phair, long drives, mad libs, magnolia, making out, misery, missing pilots, mix tapes, monty python, mullets, mystery science theater, nada surf, naps, narcolepsy, nerds, nietzsche, ninjas, non-conformists, obsessive-compulsive disorder, office space, offroading, our lady peace, painting, passive aggression, philly, philosophy, photography, placebo, poetry, radiohead, reading, real ultimate power, red hot chili peppers, remy zero, revenge, riding shotgun, road trips, robbie williams, sarcasm, saves the day, secretary, self-expression, sigur ros, simon and garfunkel, sleeping, sleeping in, smashing pumpkins, soulseek, stating the obvious, sunny day real estate, sunset boulevard, taco bell, temple university, the album leaf, the cure, the daily show, the get up kids, the owl cove, the postal service, the rolling stones, the royal tenebaums, the rules of attraction, the smiths, the spark, the weakerthans, tiny apartments, unamerican.com, verbena, vinyl records, warm weather, wawa, weezer, west chester, wet hot american summer, wilco, world inferno friendship society, wyclef jean, x games, you, zwan